The second Arab conference Tripoli - Libya 20-18 December 2004

The Arab Division of the United Nations Group of Experts for the Standardization of Geographical Names met in Tripoli in the presence of delegations from the following Arab countries: (Jordan, UAE, Tunisia, Algeria, Syria, Sudan, Libya, Morocco, Egypt) from December 18-20 2004). Several items on the agenda were discussed and the following decisions were taken:

1- With the approval of all the attendees, Dr. Anwar Siala (from Libya) was chosen as vice president (from Morocco) as head of the division for the president and Dr. Abdel Hadi Al-Tazi, in honor of his giving and effective contribution in the field of geographical names at the Arab and international levels, and in appreciation of his being the spiritual father. Arabic Division.

2 - It was agreed to replace the Roman letter (Z) corresponding to the letter (Z) to become (DH) and the police (_) instead of (.) in the system adopted by the United Nations, and the League of Arab States will be addressed to take recommendation No. This is in accordance with (7) of the Seventh United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names 8811, and the Arab Division welcomes any proposals or changes to the Beirut Amended System that it deems necessary.

3 - The Division confirms that its upcoming meetings will be under the umbrella and supervision of the League of Arab States, and that its meetings will be held at the League's headquarters in Cairo or any other Arab country.

4 - The Division proposes that each Arab country establish an index of geographical names that includes urban centers (cities, villages, residential communities) and major natural landmarks, in order to exchange this information to control the writing of names in atlases maps and other works related to maps produced by Arab countries.

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